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Wellness Workshops, 5 Doable Tips To Elevate Your Life and more…

October 25, 2017
“5”  D o a b l e   T i p s   T o   E l e v a t e
river rocks
Challenge yourself to one or more!
1 – Make water your drink of choice!
2 – Give up refined sugar!
3 -“If it’s a plant, eat it, if it’s made in a plant, don’t”.  -Michael Pollan
4 – Get nourished –  meditate,  up-level your diet, get a massage, get social!
5 – Get physical – Qi Gong, take a hike in nature or a roll in the hay!
Balance your life; eat wellget your ZZZ’s and schedule time to disconnect! 
W E L L N E S S    W O R K S H O P S
Pre- Holiday “21-Day Clean Eating” Course
Get ready to transform your health, regain your Mojo

in time for the holidays.
NO   D I E TI N G !
NO  C O U N T I N G  C A L O R I E S !
Avoid the downhill heath slide that happens during the Holidays 
Begin 2018 with vitality!
Join Sound Healer Michelle Clifton and Health Coach Susan Chasen for a nourishing evening that will feed your body and soul. 
The evening begins with Susan in the kitchen prepping a seasonal soup and salad. Michelle will guide you in a wellness circle where you will experience deep relaxation while Himalayan Singing Bowls, crystal bowls, chimes, tuning forks, and tingsha are played in the room retuning and balancing your own vibration and awakening your body’s innate healing powers.
We will gather around the table to share a nourishing  dinner with a circle of friends.
Date: Friday, Oct 27th, 5:15pm
  W E L L N E S S     W O R K S H O P S 
Qi  Gong
Gi Gong

Balance the Body
Calm the Mind
Lift the Spirit
Join Carol Davis, fitness enthusiast, 
for a FREE demo class!
DATE: Saturday, Nov 4th
Time: 1:00-2:00pm
Fall session begin Sunday, Nov 12th
Nourishing Your
C H A  

A  S
Join Kacey Morabito Grean & Susan Chasen for an enlightening “lunch & learn” that will nourish your CHAKRAS and bellies too
+ a group REIKI experience too!
DATE: Sunday, Nov 5th
TIME:   12:30-2:30PM
Amy Reyer


 a weekly loving-kindness meditation, an ancient mindfulness-based practice designed for emotional healing, mood enhancement, building self-confidence, social connection and overall mental well-being.

WHEN: Every Sunday
TIME:  10:00-11:00am

A groundbreaking film that exposes the collusion and corruption in government and big business. A surprising, and at times hilarious, investigative documentary that will be an eye-opener for everyone concerned about our nation’s health and how big business influences it.
A panel discussion, including me,  to follow movie.
WHEN: Thursday, Nov 2nd
TIME:  7-9:30pm


Pumpkin Smoothie
 click on photo for recipe
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