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From the WatchCroton Mailbag – Election Special

November 2, 2017

To the editor:

One of the big themes in the Westchester County Executive election race, culminating on November 7, is taxes.  Current Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino keeps saying that he has never raised taxes.    What he is not referring to is his alignment with the far right Republican agenda where a tax plan is being rushed through Congress that will cost Westchester county residents thousands of dollars.  This tax plan will limit or sharply curtail the right to deduct state and local taxes. This will result in increased federal taxes of at least several thousand dollars for many Westchester homeowners.  If Mr. Astorino takes such pride in his claim of not raising taxes, why is he not vigorously opposing this proposed tax plan?

While Mr. Astorino is happy to sacrifice Westchester homeowners to the Republican Holy Grail of “tax reform” I am confident that George Latimer will fight for all Westchester residents on this and other issues.

Mr. Latimer has worked as Chair of the Westchester County Board of Legislators, to cut county property taxes for three consecutive years.    As a State Senator, he has worked with Governor Cuomo to hold property taxes to an average growth rate of just over two percent, less than half the rate of growth over the previous ten years. Mr. Latimer also secured millions of dollars from NY Rising for flood prevention in Westchester.

In addition, I have personally seen Mr. Latimer at a number of events where he is readily available and goes out of his way to connect with constituents on a variety of issues and solicit their opinions and concerns.  My personal contact with Mr. Astorino has consisted of carefully orchestrated town halls and robo calls where he “invites” people to call in or talk about issues of his choosing as opposed to welcoming all his constituents to freely and openly share their thoughts.

In having the opportunity to vote for Westchester County Executive, my vote is for George Latimer.  Mr. Latimer demonstrates a strong level of concern for the well being of all the residents of Westchester County.  I trust my future as a resident of Westchester County with George Latimer when I cast my vote for him on November 7.  I hope you do the same.


Bettina Mayer
Member Croton in Action
Croton on Hudson, NY

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