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From This Week’s Gazette….

February 20, 2017

Reprinted with permission:

February 14, 2017


Dear Editor,


This letter can be called, “The CCA Revisited”. Because happily, new information has come to light regarding the possibility of Croton joining the CCA well ahead of the next open round scheduled for late 2018.


Briefly, CCA stands for Community Choice Aggregation, the New York State pilot program initiated last year in Westchester County. By aggregating consumers on a large scale, CCA programs provide municipalities with access to the wholesale power market and the ability to control the supply source, mix and price. Unfortunately, despite years of preparation and anticipated deadlines, the Mayor and the two Croton United Trustees rejected the resolution to join the CCA. Many residents, including myself, were frustrated and upset, because we felt that Croton had missed a golden opportunity. And the success of the program since Croton’s rejection has borne this out. 20 municipalities in Westchester County did join the CCA, and they are now enjoying the benefits of that affiliation. Through the CCA, a two year contract has been negotiated (which may be extended for an additional six months), and customers in those communities are receiving electric power for less than the average 2015 Con Edison price. Also, most participating municipalities have chosen to “opt up” to a 100% renewable option at the group negotiated price, which is again below the 2015 Con Ed average price. The CCA has proved itself good for ratepayer’s pocket books, and good for the environment.


It is quite clear that the present Administration in Washington denies climate change, and will be aggressively pushing an oil and gas energy agenda. Those of us who oppose this assault on the environment may feel powerless to effect change on the federal level. But by endorsing the CCA, we may be more successful on the local level. We can opt to move away from our reliance on fossil fuels, and move towards more sustainable energy sources.


The premise, the promise and the practical operation of the CCA program is not difficult to explain or understand. Clearly, outreach is important but if the will is there, it can be accomplished quickly and easily. If you would like to see Croton join the CCA at this time, please email the Mayor at To ensure that everyone on the Village Board has the same information, please Cc all the Trustees on your email; their addresses can be found on the Village of Croton-on-Hudson website. Alternately, or additionally, you can come to an upcoming Village Board meeting on 2/21, 3/6 or 3/20 to make your feelings publicly known.


Respectfully, Sherry Horowitz

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