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Hydrilla Treatment in Croton River Cancelled

August 30, 2016

We have been informed by the NYSDEC that the planned hydrilla treatment has been canceled.

Water from the New Croton Dam is flowing into the Croton River at a rate that is resulting in a water flow well above the threshold for an effective herbicide treatment.

See below from the DEC:

“The threat from the hydrilla in the Croton River will remain until it is controlled. The NYSDEC is currently developing a five-year plan for future work which draws heavily upon the lessons learned this season. This plan, along with project updates and a post-season summary, will be made available on the project webpage that is updated on a regular basis. A public stakeholder meeting will be held later this year to inform interested parties.”

If staff is available, we hope to open Silver Lake tomorrow and Wednesday. You may call the Recreation Department at 271-3006 to check the hours of operation.

The water use restrictions that had been imposed for August 30th – 31st have been lifted.

Hydrilla reproduces primarily vegetatively by fragmentation, so we were disturbed by recently released photos of a sitting trustee hauling out what appears to be a handful of the stuff and showing it to a constituent. Hopefully, local politicians can move forward and address this issue in an efficient fashion rather than just using it for a photo op.

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