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It’s Planting Season! News From the Croton Garden Club

May 1, 2016
As all gardeners are in early Spring, the Garden Club members have been very busy. Our ambitious new garden project for this season  is the circle at the end of Benedict Boulevard.  A design has been created by Molly Lemeris and Susan Mislove and it has been submitted to the Village for approval. A flowering tree would have been a nice centerpiece, but height restrictions for driver visibility reasons restricted us to plants of a reasonable height. We expect approval very soon and then it will be off to purchase the plants and schedule a planting day. I will be sure to let everyone know the date and I hope you can join us at this wonderful garden location.
I know I have mentioned and sent pictures of the following two gardens, but both deserve to be mentioned again; the Van Wyck garden near the municipal building and the Croton Landing flagpole garden. Both gardens look great; additional plantings are being planned; both are great additions to the Village and are worth a drive by.
Here is some inside Croton news: the Village has scheduled some work to improve the looks of the ‘only in Croton’ dummy light. The Garden Club will once again do the planting at the light, but it will be delayed until the village completes its work. Can’t wait to see it!!!
One last note.  Since we all enjoy an attractive village and the gardens that exist in the village, please support, however you can, village spending on ‘village beautification’. It’s an expense area that, from my experience, doesn’t get much support or discussion, but has a big effect on the attractiveness of our village. I think we all want to live in nice surrounding beyond our own home. I bring this up because, even though our spending is minimal, the funding for the Garden Club has been reduced this year and will be reduced again next year.
Our May Garden Club meeting will be this Thursday, May 5 at 7:30. The location for the meeting is at the home of Molly Lemeris at 22 Sunset Drive instead of the library as usual. Lots of things to discuss and plan. Join us with your ideas and ambitions. This is the fourth season for the Croton Village Garden Club, and we are still making Croton beautiful, one garden at a time.
See you Thursday.  Regards,  Rich
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