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Take Croton’s Sustainability Committee’s survey on natural gas service in the Village.

April 21, 2016

The following is reprinted from the Gazette, with permission:

Dear Editor;

Croton’s Sustainability Committee is charged by the Village Board with finding ways to cut the

Village’s carbon footprint (i.e., its climate impact). During May and June, we will be conducting a

survey that could help Croton’s residents and businesses do so while saving them money.

Using natural gas for heating instead of fuel oil cuts carbon dioxide (CO2) from boilers and furnaces

by about 1/3, while providing the same heat output. Depending on fuel oil pricing, gas may be 25-40%

cheaper than oil. According to Con Edison, about 2,000 premises (i.e., homes and businesses) in

Croton already use gas, but another 1,079 lack gas service. Helping them cut their fuel bills and CO2

emissions by switching from oil to gas offers us a win-win opportunity. With gas service (and gas

appliances), residents who prefer cooking and/or clothes drying with gas may do so, cutting their

electric bills. Many others in our area (including New York City) have already made the switch.

To convert to gas heating, some old boilers or furnaces may need to be replaced, but others may be

converted by replacing just their burners, saving enough money to pay off the cost in a few years.

Converting to gas also eliminates the need for oil storage tanks. If an underground tank leaks, it

poses an environmental hazard that may be very expensive to clean up. Homeowner insurance does

not cover such costs. Con Ed and NY State offer financial incentives for gas-fired equipment, and the

State offers money to eliminate underground oil tanks.

To assess this option, our Committee is conducting a survey to map out where gas service exists,

and where it may be desired (Con Edison is barred from sharing the location of its gas lines). If

enough people on a street want gas service, Con Ed will install – where technically feasible – new gas

lines at little or no charge.

Copies of a flyer containing the 8-question survey (and the pros and cons of converting to gas) will be

enclosed in the May and June Village newsletters. The flyer may be filled out and mailed back to the

Village’s Municipal Building, or the survey may instead be taken online at Even

those who already have gas should respond to the survey. Their data will show us how far new lines

may need to be extended to reach those now lacking gas service.

Survey responses can be anonymous, and no commitment of any kind is made by responding. All

information will remain confidential and under control of the Village Board, to whom our Committee

will report results during the summer. The survey also asks if a respondent would like information on

alternative ways to heat a home or business. Through NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research

and Development Authority), we have arranged to provide such information to those requesting it.

With regard to extending gas lines, the utility has indicated that additional gas load will not require any

new high pressure gas mains, compressor stations, or other infrastructure. Only small pipes would be

installed below street level. Due to the time needed for this analysis and construction work, the

earliest new service could be installed would be after the summer of 2017.

To those who want gas service on their street: please ask your neighbors to answer the survey. We

are hopeful that, during the two-month survey period, we will receive sufficient responses to help us

accurately assess the interest and feasibility for this option.

Best wishes,

Lindsay Audin, for the Croton Sustainability Committee

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  1. raginggrannieswoww permalink
    April 30, 2016 3:40 pm

    Croton’s Sustainability Committee’s survey to assess interest in extending natural gas lines to areas lacking gas service.
    Croton’s Sustainability Committee is taking a survey to assess interest and feasibility for extending natural gas lines into parts of Croton lacking gas service. At present, about 2/3 of Croton has gas service, but 1,079 premises (i.e., homes or businesses) do not. Take the survey at
    Both Con Edison and New York State are now providing incentives to install new gas lines and gas-fired boilers and furnaces. If enough people on a street would like gas, the cost to install the new lines could be minimal (or zero).
    Gas is cleaner than fuel oil, cuts climate impact by about 1/3, and reduces fuel costs by 25-40%, depending on the price of oil. Converting a heating system to use gas also allows elimination of a home’s underground oil tank which (if it leaks) may create a serious and expensive environmental cleanup problem.
    To evaluate this option, the Committee needs to map out existing gas lines (Con Ed is not allowed to share that data) and locate those home and business owners that might want gas service brought to them. Even if you already have gas, or don’t want it, please fill out the short survey at
    Responses may be made anonymously, and no commitment is made by filling out the survey. All information will be kept confidential and under supervision by the Croton Village Board. Thank you!
    To contact the Sustainability Committee, email to

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