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Democratic Primary for Village Trustee, Thursday, Sept 13th

September 11, 2012

As printed in the Gazette.  Couldn’t have said it better.

The rapidly upcoming Democrat primary boils down to one thing, experience.  Ann Gallelli and Andy Levitt have it in spades.

We are all well aware (or should be) of Ann Gallelli’s long public service to our Village and her encyclopedic understanding of Village law, history and past practices.  She is an invaluable asset to the Village and ought to be re-elected. A clear no brainer.Many people may not be as familiar with Andy Levitt though.  A young family man who along with his wife Robyn, decided to raise their family here.  This was a conscious decision to make Croton their home, and is where they wanted their roots planted.  His decision to run for trustee is a very healthy sign for our Village.  A newer resident who wants to ensure that the Croton that he fell in love with remains or grows better with time.But back to experience…..  Andy is a litigator who daily addresses complex legal issues in his law practice, this knowledge and skill will benefit all Village residents.  He is a father to two elementary students so he understands the issues facing that demographic.  He owns a home which requires budgetary oversight, and brings with him overall a well rounded portfolio of achievement.  In other words Andy, as young as he may seem to me, has been around the block a few times.

This is what the Village deserves, someone who has actually been tested by fate, someone who has demonstrated that he has the acumen to pass his bachelors degree, earn a law degree, work in a thriving law practice, buy a home and raise a family.  We need our Village Board populated with individuals who possess enough of life’s experiences to make the critical decisions which affect all of Croton’s residents.

I urge all Democrats to vote for Ann Gallelli  and Andy Levitt in the Democrat primary on Thursday, September 13.  Vote for experience and bear in mind that since the Republicans have not put up a candidate in the general election, this is it.  Don’t fall prey to the romantic notion that just because you can stand for election, you should.  Vote for experience, vote Gallelli and Levitt and get the Trustees you deserve.


Ian Murtaugh


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